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Nov 12, 2020
Ontario, Canada

The staff of a community makes all the difference. We're determined to go above and beyond to find and attract the best people out there. In fact, we really can't get enough of them - literally! Our philosophy is the more the merrier - granted that each staff member has a good judgement, is disciplined, mature and active.​

Before you decide to apply for staff, it's important that you evaluate if you truly have the will and passion for the job. We're looking for staff members who find their drive in contributing to our community, achieving impressive results alongside us, and gaining a unique professional experience.

Currently we're only accepting Helpers (Chat Moderators). We might open up higher positions as time goes on. However, you will need to already be a Chat Mod to advance to higher staff positions.​

Below are some key attributes that we seek in all our staff members:
  • Judgement
  • Integrity
  • Activity / Dedication
  • Maturity
  • Good behavior (as a staff member, you set the example - be a role model!)
If you have decided to pursue a staff position, you can proceed to send your application using your own format. However, you need to include some minimum content listed below. You apply for all server positions by creating a thread in this forum!

Main Minecraft Alias:

Discord Tag (ex. DiscordName#1111):

Link to your NameMC:



Which server are you applying for? (EU OR US):

What made you want to apply for a position with CrystalPvP?:

Considering your strengths and weaknesses, why should we select you?

Do you have any staffing experience in other communities?:

How many hours do you have on CC (Only needed for the server you're applying for) (You can find out your hours played by doing /stats ingame):

Have you ever been a member of Staff with CrystalPvP, or a Helper with CrystalPvP?:

Were you referred to apply by a current member of staff? If yes, who?:

Did you review the Staff requirements? (y/n)

Did you spellcheck your application? (y/n)

Staff Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 15 to apply
  • Must have been active on server for at least a month
  • Must be active within the community - active on server and preferably forums & Discord
  • Must not have any recent (1 month) bans on record, unless it was a misunderstanding which the staff member in question can confirm
  • Must disclose any recent (1 month) warning points received in the application
  • Must have a valid Discord account and must have joined our Discord server
  • Must have an extensive knowledge of the rules to an extent to where they can enforce them with confidence
  • Your application should be professional, and free of any spelling or grammar errors.
  • Please ensure you put more than just two sentences into your application. That being said, a paragraph or so would be a sufficient example of detail we look for

We hope that you consider applying for staff and we're optimistic that you have what it takes! If you manage to become a staff member, we will always remain grateful for your service and contribution, and never take it for granted! Good luck!
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