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  1. LordPopcwrn


  2. LordPopcwrn

    Info NEW Parkour Minigame

    We officially are releasing an arcade server. CrystalPvP Presents. IP TO ARCADE SERVER Commands /help Returns a list of all commands available. /top <id> Returns the best times for that specific parkour. /spawn [/spawn, /hub] Teleports the player back to the spawn...
  3. LordPopcwrn


    This has been heavily requested. Ive been asked countless times to drop a dating cheat codes document. I suppose you can say im tired of hogging all the women. Most people on youtube will tell you the generic boring stuff about trying to pickup girls. Boring stuff like you gotta touch her arm or...
  4. LordPopcwrn

    Info Useful Ingame Information

    Below is a collection of useful commands on CrystalPvP Stats /stats Warp /kitcreator /spawn Kit /kit /kitcreator /createukit <NAME> /deleteukit <NAME> Duel /duel <PLAYERNAME> /spectate <PLAYERNAME> • [/spec] Messages /msg <PLAYERNAME> /w <PLAYERNAME> • [/whisper] /r...
  5. LordPopcwrn

    Add asian server

    If its well funded I wouldn't mind doing it. But you'd be looking at 100$ worth of income a month.
  6. LordPopcwrn

    unpatch packetflyt and patch burrow

    server meta will always change. Otherwise it’d just be boring and everyone would leave.
  7. LordPopcwrn

    Add flair for wurst+3

  8. LordPopcwrn

    I was blocked and idk why

    please try doing the following: • IF you are using a form of offhand (happens a lot with phobos) please increase the delay.
  9. LordPopcwrn


    You arent able to place those blocks in the flat arena so why would you need to break them.
  10. LordPopcwrn

    1,000 Member Giveaway! | CrystalPvP

    We officially hit 1 THOUSAND MEMBERS on the forums. This is a huge milestone for our network. The CrystalPvP Team Wants to Give Back. Since we Hit This Milestone We're Giving away: • 10 Solid Color NameChanges • 4 Members eligible for the GiveAway Role on our discord HOW DO I ENTER? Reply...
  11. LordPopcwrn


    This is a CrystalPvP Server (hence the name) It's basically a KitPvP server to practice.
  12. LordPopcwrn

    some form of stats on the scoreboard?

    Yes! this is a planned feature. Keep an eye out for when we release all forms of statistics.
  13. LordPopcwrn

    NEW! Particle Cosmetics (SOON)

    CrystalPvP Presents Particle Effect Cosmetics: Please note that we WILL be adding more particle cosmetics in the future. This is only the initial release.
  14. LordPopcwrn

    0reverse avoiding pvp on us

    Accepted Thank you for reporting this issue. Accepted / Locked
  15. LordPopcwrn

    Info Staff Application Format and Rules

    Staff Applications ______________________________________________________________ The staff of a community makes all the difference. We're determined to go above and beyond to find and attract the best people out there. In fact, we really can't get enough of them - literally! Our philosophy...
  16. LordPopcwrn

    [FALSE-BAN] Papa Quill

  17. LordPopcwrn

    Im banned

    As mentioned prior, You weren't banned for "Spamming Chat". You were banned for the intent of trying to lag the server. Whilst the server had low tps you tried to throw a lot of exp to try to overload / crash the cpu. Which is why you're banned currently. Out of the 3 rules I have on the server...
  18. LordPopcwrn

    bullet keeps banning me

    There are reports often un answered from previous days. Your ban report was submitted Thursday at 8:35 PM. It was just answered today which is why you're banned today.

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